5 Ways Cold-Formed Steel Reduces Construction Costs

Cold-formed steel (CFS) framing has a proven track record of providing cost benefits for multi-family and mid-rise building projects. In this video, learn how the use of CFS framing can lead to savings in several areas, from lower insurance premiums to shorter construction cycles.

5 Ways Cold-Formed Steel Framing Reduces Construction Costs

1. Lower insurance rates

Builders risk insurance premiums are often lower on noncombustible cold-formed steel (CFS). 

2. Reduced maintenance costs

CFS is resistant to mold and vermin, so it doesn’t require costly treatments or repairs. 

3. Shorter construction cycles

Prefabricating CFS panels off-site can cut the total project timeframe. 

4. Equipment savings

Shorter construction cycles can lead to reduced crane costs and scaffold rental times. 

5. Lower financing

Reduced construction timeframes can reduce interest charges. 

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