5 Ways Cold-Formed Steel Reduces Construction Costs

Cold-formed steel (CFS) framing has a proven track record of providing cost benefits for multi-family and mid-rise building projects. In this video, learn how the use of CFS framing can lead to savings in several areas, from lower insurance premiums to shorter construction cycles.

Should you be using Cold Formed Steel roof trusses?

In construction, understanding the latest, most efficient technologies and building methods is key to success… not to mention high levels of skill and familiarity with those methods, and an engineering staff that’s always ready to create high-quality building components at scale.

Cold Formed Steel – Termite proof

Termites are a major source of risk for the global construction industry, costing billions of dollars in damage to both small and large-scale projects.

The Framing Material That Can Lower Your Insurance Premiums

At times, mid-rise and multi-family buildings constructed with wood framing come with an attractive initial price tag — but also an additional amount of risk, particularly during construction. In fact, the Steel Framing Industry Association has catalogued a series of recent catastrophic fires destroying multi-story, wood-frame building complexes in the United States and Canada. These examples highlight just how devastating wood framing is when it comes to fire-related and other losses.