A Comprehensive Guide to Steel Framing

Cold-formed steel (CFS) framing is rapidly becoming the material of choice for student dormitories, assisted living facilities, hotels, multi-family homes and other mid-rise buildings across the country.

Why Choose Steel Framing for Your Next Project in 2022?

Timber has long been the framing material of choice for buildings. A sturdy and familiar material, it has been used on structures all over the world for hundreds of years. However, steel framing is fast becoming a popular alternative which is increasingly being specified.

3 Tips to Construct Greener Buildings with Steel Framing

As the largest contributor to carbon emissions across the globe, the construction industry is looking to develop more socially responsible methods and structures. A trending solution: Using cold-formed steel (CFS) to frame greener structures.

Resiliency with Cold-Formed Steel

Resiliency has become an oft-used buzzword in the engineering and construction industries, as building professionals seek methods for countering increasingly intense hurricane activity, wildfires, flooding and other natural events. Natural disasters cost the U.S. $91B in 2018, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a sign that a growing number of extreme weather events are taking a significant economic toll.

Why Are We Still Building Homes Like It’s 1832?

The building method for wood-framed homes in the United States has changed little since the mid-1800s. Due to current construction methods, maintenance is often required after only a few decades for wood-framed homes.