6 Reason why CFS Best Solution For Non-Residential Building Applications

Why CFS is the best Solution For Non Residential Building

Why CFS is the best Solution For Non Residential Building

Whatever your building project, we’re willing to wager that cold formed steel (CFS) can do it more efficiently, due to its fast, advanced and cost-effective construction methodology.

Rapid, modern, design-led CFS construction helps local and central governments construct high-quality and economical institutional buildings for their communities.

CFS’s commercial applications meet commercial construction and industrial building needs, providing high-quality worker accommodation, hotels, offices, retail buildings and more.

However, due to CFS’s ability to harness off-site manufacturing processes, it works phenomenally with non-residential building applications, which is the particular building sector which we’ve chosen to explore in this post.

Please read on to get some perspective on the wide range of non-residential building applications that have been proven effective with CFS.

Cold formed steel construction is ideal for a wide range of non-residential buildings such as schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, aged-care homes, office blocks, and quick-response emergency buildings, to name a few.

List of Why CFS is the good Solution For Non Residential Building

here is list of top reasons why cold formed steel is best solution for non residential building.

cold formed steel For Educational buildings

From individual classrooms to entire schools, educational buildings can be built very economically, using CFS construction methods. The flexibility cold formed steel offers works superbly when constructing classrooms, as it allows the same room to be scaled and replicated multiple times.

It can be assembled at speed and its design allows for additions to be linked together easily. CFS’s offsite manufacturing produces comfortable, warm and insulated educational buildings in a fraction of the time that traditional building methods can perform the same task.

cold formed steel FOR Aged-care facilities

The high strength-to-weight ratio of cold formed steel allows for the easy construction of open spaces and large spans in rooms, ideal within aged-care facilities. Other specific construction benefits that CFS provides to aged-care buildings include its use in:

  • Structure ramps
  • Larger windows
  • Extra-wide doors
  • Extended hallways
  • The possibility of wider wall support structures for fixing handrails and shower grab-bars.

cold formed steel FOR Hotels

The lightweight, high-strength, non-combustible nature of cold formed steel, as well as its ease of installation, makes it an ideal and cost competitive choice for hotel structures.

It allows developers to meet tight deadlines with construction speeds up to 75% faster than traditional methods.

cold formed steel FOR Worker accommodations

The rapid construction speed of CFS means accommodation for commercial or industrial workers can be assembled quickly.

These can be constructed anywhere, are durable, comfortable and meet government standards and local codes.

cold formed steel FOR Office buildings

Using integrated design and construction methods such as CFS, a new generation of high-performance office buildings is emerging, offering increased worker satisfaction and output, better health, flexibility, and improved energy and environmental performance.

cold formed steel FOR Quick response buildings

Safer buildings are becoming increasingly important particularly in areas prone to natural disasters. CFS is a great choice for quick response applications as they are resilient and can withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Weighing a third the weight of timber, cold formed steel doesn’t require cranes or other expensive and inconvenient equipment.

While remaining fast and cost-effective the flexible and versatile nature of cold formed steel makes it an excellent building solution for a range of non-residential applications.

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